School Holidays

We open at 8am but can offer a 7.30 start but this needs to specified on booking to arrange staffing. We are open all school holidays but we are closed Christmas holidays.  

Children to come in their old clothes as we do get messy and enjoy lots of outdoor fun.  We do offer summer trips please see the link for dates and prices.

We do offer a mid morning and mid afternoon snack.

Packed lunch is required with a non fizzy drink, we do try and encourage a healthy lunch, all children eat together, after lunch we do a group activity like quizzes, countdown, eye spy, alphabet games to allow the children lunches to settle and children to who take longer to eat to finish at their pace without them being rushed.  

As our outdoor area is not overly sized for sports games we do have access to the school field the children are supervised at all times and can let of steam.  If all staff are on a field a note is put on the front door with the club mobile number so if we do not see you then please call so we can let you in.